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  The Coastal Footpath of North Cornwall

Walking Land's End to Sennen Cove 1.3 miles

OS Explorer Map 102: grid reference SW354263 to SW342254

Walk Duration: 45 mins.

Sennen Cove harbour and the Roundhouse

Park your car at one of the car parks in Sennen Cove village. An excellent guidebook is the Friendly Map & Guide to exploring the Land's End Peninsula. With the sea to your right head towards the 'Roundhouse Gallery' - a converted capstan house and sail loft. Pass the toilets and the 'Cape Cornwall Pilot Gig Club'. Follow the small white coastpath sign up and left. Walk up the 30 or so steps, concrete at first but soon becoming granite, onto Mayon Cliff. The large flat rock below you outside Sennen Cove harbour is known as Cowloe Rock with the sea channel known as the Tribbens.

The Cowloe Rocks and The Tribbens

On nearing the old castellated lookout atop Pedn-Mn-Du, the path begins to level out. Where the route forks, bear left following the true coast path. The right hand path offers a quick view of Longships Lighthouse, a mile offshore, but this can be better seen from the railings at the lookout. Continue climbing gently, pausing awhile to look at the slightly strange shaped rock below you.

Longships Lighthouse

The Irish Lady and Longships Lighthouse

This is the 'Irish Lady'. Drop down gently along Mayon Cliff, looking across the large chasm that is Castle Zawn to the headland at Land's End. This is Dr. Syntax's Head and the rock just offshore is known as The Peal. Follow the path up again to the Iron Age Maen Cliff Castle grid reference SW348258 - not all that large or all that level from which to defend!. Be sure to keep to the marked paths so as to reduce erosion of the landscape.

Maen Cliff Castle entrance on Mayon Cliff

Shortly after leaving the ramparts of the cliff castle, you enter a boggy area crossed by a couple of small streams at Carn Clog. Crest a little rise and keep seaward to reach Dr. Syntax's Head.

Looking across Castle Zawn to Dr. Syntax's Head & Longships Light

A few metres further on you are greeted by the large complex of the 'Land's End Experience'. From here it is a flat 5 minute walk to Dr. Johnson's Head with its Land's End Hotel and Theme Park. This is Land's End (Land's End 543'W 5004'N).

First and Last house, Land's End

How many of those day-trippers even take the time to venture a few hundred metres south to see the most spectacular (natural) items of all - The Armed Knight, the tremendous rock arch at Enys Dodnan and the thundering seas at Pordenack Point?

Enys Dodnan and the Armed Knight from Pordenack Point

Have you visited Sennen Cove's NEW Beach Complex?...Open for Breakfast, Lunch & Evening Meals - For Reservations Tel: (01736) 871191. For a 360 degree panorama of the view, please click HERE.

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