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  The Coastal Footpath of South Cornwall

Walking Gunwalloe to Mullion Cove - 2.3 miles

OS Explorer 103: grid reference SW661204 to SW666181

Walk Duration 1 Hour 20 minutes

St. Winwaloe's Church, Gunwalloe

Gunwalloe Church Cove

Park your car in the large NT car park at Gunwalloe Church Cove, Our route followed Walk 11 in Classic Walks Cornwall Book 2. Head towards the back of the beach. Follow the path alongside the golf links, pausing a while to look back at the church of St. Winwaloe. Its most striking feature being the strangely detached tower, 14 feet away from the church. Follow the track up the slope reaching the small car park at Carrag-A-Pilez (bare rock) after about 15 minutes. Look back to see Church Cove, Halzephron and off to Trewavas and Praa Sands in the distance. Look below to see Poldhu Cove (Black Pool Cove), with the rather imposing Poldhu Residential Home - formerly an hotel - on Poldhu Point opposite.

Approaching Poldhu Cove

Poldhu Cove

Drop down the hillside using the road at first but keep looking right for the grassy path that leads away from the tarmac down into the cove. Reaching Poldhu Cove some 20 minutes after setting out, skirt around the back of the beach heading for the residential home. Take the (private) metalled road almost up to the building before veering off right down onto the coastpath once again. Pass Poldhu Point by means of the steps provided and continue onto what is now Angrouse Cliff. Make for the monument just ahead of you - grid ref. SW664194, using the seats provided if you need refreshment or a rest.

Marconis Monument

Read the four sides of the Marconi Monument - learning how it commemorates 'The first signal to be sent from here across the Atlantic by wireless telegraphy - a repetition of the Morse code letter 'S' - received by Guglielmo Marconi at St. John's Newfoundland on 12th December 1901'. Radio Enthusiasts should visit the Marconi Centre and also try to visit the Lizard Wireless Station at Housel Bay, near Lizard Point. Refreshed, continue walking along Angrouse Cliff carefully passing the chasm of Pol Glas (Blue Pool) and onto Meres Cliff. Where the path diverts, bear right for the true coastpath as you gradually drop down to another beach at Polurrian Cove at grid reference SW668187.

Meres Cliff, Polurrian near Mullion

Polurrian Cove near Mullion

Once again skirt around the back of the beach passing a waymarker post and over a small wooden footbridge. Continue up granite fronted steps onto Polurrian Cliff, making use of the seats provided if you need a breather near the top. The path now widens as it passes in front of several large bungalows running easily over the level ground. As the path nears the NT property at Carrag-lūz (Grey Rock) it narrows once again passing in front of a Coastguard Lookout Station remaining level until it meets the car park and grounds of the Mullion Cove Hotel. Stop here next to the cannon overlooking Henscath, Scovarn, Mullion Island (Toldhu) and the harbour.

Cannon above Mullion Cove

Look across the cove to Predannack and on towards Vellan Head, Kynance Cove and the Lizard before dropping down into the cove for your end point. Refreshments are available nearby 'in season'.

Above Mullion Harbour

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